About the Interactive ECU Campus Maps 
This project was initiated in the Computer Cartography course during the Spring, 2000 Semester.  The following students contributed to its development: Serena Aldrich, Jim Baker, Jonathan Boeck, Kevin Cochrane, Cody Frye, Amy Guinn, Mike Jackson, William Jordan, Chris Mask, Larry Motley, Virgil Owens, Michael Stallings, and Rebecca Roller. The base data were principally derived from maps and building plans constructed by ECU Cartography students from 1986 through 1992.  

Implementation of the project was initiated by students in the Special Studies: Web-Based Cartography class during the Summer, 2000 Semester.  Serena Aldrich, Jonathan Boeck, Amy Guinn, and Virgil Owens worked diligently to make the project operational. Updates made in 2004 by Joshua Baker and in 2008 by Jim Brockman 

Maps of the building floors were designed by students in the Advanced Cartography class from Spring, 2002 Semester.  James Allen, Robert Fixico, Byron Frye, Martin Gabbard, Chris Hammon, Vance Hefley, Yoshihiro Ishitsuka, Jimmy Morrow, Dillon Payne, Matt Schell, Emily Scott, Kelby Thomasson, and John Travis worked on these maps. 

The perspective diagram (3-D) maps are being constructed by students in the Advanced Geographic Information Systems class during the Spring, 2002 Semester.  Dale Cole, Michael Gammill, Teri Hunsinger, Holly Merida, Russel Taylor, and Ed Tollett all created innovative designs. 

Each of these courses is under the direction of Dr. Greg Plumb, ECU Professor of Cartography and Geography.  E-mail questions or comments to Dr. Plumb.

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